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The department Automotive Technologies and Eco-systems coordinates the technical innovation and specialist topics of the industry

Coordination Unit for Security and Data

Digitization is an essential driver for the further development of vehicles as well as vehicle and mobility-related products. The opportunities and challenges associated with these technological innovations have a major impact on developments in the automotive industry. Data and information generated by a modern networked vehicle or during development and production in a company can be used for many purposes. Therefore, they are considered to have high economic potential in this context. The digital, electronic and physical corporate values ​​as well as the product-related and personal values ​​of the users must be protected.

Due to the increasing degree of digitization and automation of functions, an increasing threat potential can be assumed. In order to be able to meet the customer's need for networking and functionality in the digital age, appropriate security concepts are required that offer sufficient overall protection for the vehicles, IT structures of the companies and customer needs.

The Coordination Unit for Security and Data therefore works with representatives from politics, consumer protection and industry to ensure the best possible protection. It represents the interests of the automotive industry as part of the development of norms, standards and regulations.

The Team

Martin Lorenz
Head of the Coordination Unit for Security & Data
Tel.: +49 30 897842-288

Dr. Joachim Göthel
Senior Consultant
Security & Data
Tel.: +49 30 897842-425

Angela Pasch
Senior Consultant
Security & Data
Tel.: +49 30 897842-424

Elena Peres
Team Assistant for Security & Data
Tel.: + 49 30 897842-301

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