Research Association of
Automotive Technology (FAT)

FAT promotes research on passenger and commercial vehicles as well as their parts and accessories.

Efficient and prompt: the FAT network

FAT is a research association with quick decision-making processes and efficient implementation of the research projects.

FAT working groups prepare applications on which immediate decisions can be made (with regard to content, funding, duration) for deliberation by the Research Advisory Board. The Advisory and Executive Boards are able to make decisions without administrative obstacles, thus providing clarity for the applicant. Directly after the executive decision has been made, the business office sets up the contracts with the research partners.

The on-going projects of the working groups and the decision-finding sessions ensure that projects tailored to the needs of the members are implemented as quickly as possible.

On behalf of FAT, the proposals of the research partners are executed at universities, public research centers and non-university R&D institutions.

FAT is a particularly esteemed cooperation partner of German research institutions due to its intensive communication with the working groups and business office as well as the simple administrative procedures.

FAT’s goals and communication of results: proposals are closely linked to committees in the automotive industry, partner associations and public offices. FAT has established a successful cooperation with its partners, in which research proposals are jointly defined and funded. After completion of a project, the results are published. Since its founding, FAT has published more than 200 volumes. Information about current projects is reported at conferences, congresses and in relevant journals.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Langowsky
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Langowsky Managing Director of the Research Association of Automotive Technology

Tel: +49 30 897842-310  
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