Research Association of
Automotive Technology (FAT)

FAT promotes research on passenger and commercial vehicles as well as their parts and accessories.

Competent and reliable: the basis for obtaining the best results

FAT is a research association with quick decision-making processes and efficient implementation of research projects. An especially decisive factor here is the personnel continuity of the research advisory boards and working groups. This continuity not only guarantees a high degree of professional expertise but also creates an atmosphere of trust so that even competitive research topics can be realized.

FAT cooperates with more than 50 German university research institutes for automotive technology, whose projects promote the research activities of scientific institutes.

Research concentrations

FAT’s research continuously provides the German Automotive Industry with current, groundbreaking results.

FAT has five research clusters: safety, environment, energy efficiency and electrical integration, material/ manufacturing technologies and calculation methods as well as commercial vehicle transport systems.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Langowsky
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Langowsky Managing Director of the Research Association of Automotive Technology

Tel: +49 30 897842-310  
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