The Research Association of
Automotive Technology (FAT)

FAT promotes research on passenger and commercial vehicles as well as their parts and accessories.

Sustainable and target-oriented: pre-competitive joint research to ensure the future of transport

The Research Association of Automotive Technology (FAT) unites all German passenger and commercial vehicle manufactures as well as numerous suppliers under the auspices of the VDA for the purpose of carrying out pre-competitive joint research.

The road vehicle research projects of FAT members are the basis of the continuous, high-tech requirements of the German automotive industry with the aim of finding new and improved solutions to ensure environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable mobility in the future. Research projects focus on the vehicle as a whole, and pre-competitive joint research concentrates on traffic systems, specifically the technical interaction of vehicles with road traffic, rail and the environment. Through FAT’s research, the VDA takes responsibility for the future of transport in its entirety.

An efficient platform for successful joint research is created through the cooperation of various corporations, manufacturers and suppliers as well as through the excellent FAT network with German universities and research institutions.

Demand-oriented and dynamic: research for the products of tomorrow

FAT’s mission is to carry out pre-competitive road vehicle research in cooperation with manufacturers, suppliers and scientists, whose goal is to create the basis for new products.

FAT’s research objectives are dynamically adjusted to the changing requirements of the market place and corporations in 5 research concentrations:

  • Safety
  • Technical environmental research
  • Energy efficiency and electrical integration
  • Material and manufacturing technologies, calculation methods
  • Transport systems commercial vehicles

In specialist working groups, members from the industry define and implement the individual projects. Quick decision-making guarantees that research projects commensurate with the needs of FAT member companies are promptly implemented.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Langowsky
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Langowsky Managing Director of the Research Association of Automotive Technology

Tel: +49 30 897842-310  
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