Faces of the Automotive Industry

In 2016, the Automotive Industry generated a revenue of 411.9 Billion Euros.

In 2016 the automotive industry turned over 411.9 billion euros and is one of the sectors training the most apprentices in the country. Every year it pours around 30 billion euros into research and development and registers 6,700 patents, making Germany the country of ideas. Our cars express the spirit of invention, a striving for perfection, a feeling of responsibility, skill and passion.

German automotive innovations are found all over the world, just like our greatest invention, the car itself. This success has many faces: around 785,000 people work in the German automotive business – in research and development, production, administration and distribution. Without them we would not be what we are today: the most successful and innovative automotive nation in the world. Here we present some of these amazing, committed and successful people. And to all of them we say thank you.

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