Membership of the VDA

The VDA is the loud voice representing the transportation and economic-policy interests of its approx. 600 members. It comprises a large and powerful network, bundling the entire expertise of the automotive industry.

Benefits of membership

The automotive industry makes a significant contribution to the prosperity and competitiveness of our country. We at the VDA unite the combined forces of the automotive industry and create the internal solidarity among manufacturers of passenger and commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses, as well as suppliers of parts and accessories, and the manufacturers of trailers and bodies.

Your membership of the VDA brings you the following benefits:

  • Member manufacturers groups have over 100 expert staff in 17 departments at their disposal, committed to representing the interests of the German automotive industry.
  • By participating in any of over 50 VDA committees and working groups members can pro-actively shape and influence current issues pertinent to the automotive industry.
  • The VDA represents its member companies in national and international organizations and institutions.
  • The VDA hosts a number of events and delegation trips for its member companies. Some of these are exclusively for VDA members. Furthermore, it offers numerous political events and talks.
  • The VDA department Communication and Media sends out an informative weekly newsletter to member companies: VDA Insight. It reports on the specialist departments making up the VDA, as well as publications and calendar/events. VDA Insight also includes the Association’s press releases.
  • Other publications that the VDA makes available to its member companies are VDA Position, VDA Recommendations, the annual report as well as VDA Series on the automotive industry. Statistical information rounds off the offering. These publications are either free for member companies or available at preferential rates.
  • The VDA partner portal automotive collab is a further service available to its member companies. This online platform contains news, events, literature, service providers, links, and checklists for successful cooperation within the automotive industry. In addition, it includes a digital marketplace for those companies seeking to collaborate.
  • The VDA promotes the globalization activities of its member companies with offices in Brussels, Moscow, and Beijing, and with round tables established in the key markets of China and Mexico. These events enable the CEOs of local suppliers to exchange knowledge and information with manufacturers’ representatives and to discuss possible cooperation.
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