Membership of the VDA

The VDA is the loud voice representing the transportation and economic-policy interests of its approx. 600 members. It comprises a large and powerful network, bundling the entire expertise of the automotive industry.

Contacts (Member Services)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the VDA and require further details, we are available to answer your queries.

For information regarding the application process and submission of the necessary documentation please contact:

Department Member Services:

Stephan Reinders (Head of dept.), Telephone: +49 30 897842-150
Sabine Albrecht (Manufacturers groups I, II and III), Telephone: +49 30 897842-151
Jens Bernhardt (Start-ups & Tech companies), Telephone: +49 30 897842-152


For questions concerning the Association’s activities for the supplier industry you are welcome to contact:

Dr. Karoline Kampermann
Head of the Economic policies, foreign trade, SMEs and taxes department
Telephone: +49 30 897842-270

Sebastian Brunkow
Head of the Corporate policy and SME expert group
Telephone: +49 30 897842-400

For questions concerning the Association’s activities for commercial vehicles, trailers, bodies, or buses please feel free to contact:

Dr. Michael Niedenthal
Head of Transport policy
Telephone: +49 30 897842-370

Dr. Sascha Pfeifer
Issues concerning Manufacturers group II, commercial vehicles, CO2 heavy duty vehicles
Telephone: +49 30 897842-362

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