Committee on Logistics

The Logistics Committee is the body that controls all logistics activities within the VDA. It is thus responsible for the most crucial interface between manufacturers and suppliers. The purpose of logistics work in the VDA is to maintain and increase the automotive industry's competitiveness. The committee is responsible for developing medium- to long-term strategies for the supply chain, identifying future topics, allocating project resources, approving project funds, and adapting the working group structure to current requirements. For this purpose, the committee meets four times a year with the logistics working group chairs to steer activities and exchange ideas on the resources needed. Furthermore, the Logistics Committee is responsible for the thematic orientation of the Automotive Logistics Forum. The main focal points of the committee's work are:

  • The electronic and digital networking of companies.
  • The standardization of documents and business processes.
  • The improvement of transport policy conditions.
  • The increase in sustainability in warehousing and transport processes.
  • The early standardization of future technologies.
Robert Cameron
Robert Cameron Leiter Abteilung Produktion, Logistik und Aftermarket

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