The VDA works with external experts in about 50 committees and workings groups.

Committees and Working Groups

The VDA currently has about 35 Working Groups, which in some cases have set up their own sub-committee or ad hoc working group. The majority of VDA working groups consist of members of all three manufacturer groups (automobile manufacturers (=MG I) / Trailer, special body and bus manufacturers (=MG II) / Suppliers (=MG III). However, there are also committees with representatives from only one or two manufacturer groups.

  • Aftermarket Committee
  • Working Group for Workers Safety
  • Foreign Trade Committee
  • Working Group for Container Standardisation
  • Working Group for Operational Proposals Business
  • Working Group of Manufacturer Group II
  • Working Group for Fire Protection
  • Working Group for CAD/CAM
  • Working Group for Data Protection
  • Working Group Digital Factory
  • Working Group for ICT and EDI
  • Working Group for Electrical Engineering (production plant)
  • Working Group for Energy
  • Working Group for Climatisation of Workers Places
  • Working Group for End of Life Vehicles
  • Working Group for Hazardous Substances
  • Working Group for Commercial Legal Protection
  • Goods Transport Committee
  • Working Group for Trade of Manufacturer Group III
  • Working Group for Refrigerants
  • Working Group for Customer Service Questions of Automobile Factories
  • Working Group for Logistics Processes
  • Working Group for Ambient Air Quality
  • Commercial Vehicles Association
  • Committee for Public Contracts
  • Press Committee
  • Working Group for Pyrotechnique
  • Quality Management Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Automotive supply chain committee
  • Working Group for Statistics
  • Tax Committee
  • Committee for Technology, Safety and the Environment
  • Working Group for Telecommunications (plant facilities)
  • Committee for Environmental Management
  • Transport Committee
  • Insurance Committee
  • Committee for Marketing Questions of Manufacturer Groups I and II
  • Committee for Marketing Questions of Manufacturer Group III
  • Working Group for the Economy
  • Materials Committee
  • Working Group for Customs Questions
  • Working Party Consumer Electronics 4 Automotive
  • Working Party PLM
  • Working Party Marketing
  • Medium-Sized Companies
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