The VDA works with external experts in about 50 committees and workings groups.

Sustainable mobility needs people who prepare the way for good ideas. Over 25 years ago the VDA’s PLM working group (AK PLM) was already setting the standards. The group forms an effective network of manufacturers and suppliers from the automotive industry in connection with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Its aim is to clarify technical and organisational requirements and develop procedures so that product data can be transferred within the heterogeneous system landscapes of the automotive and the supply industry in an economical, time-saving and reliable manner.

This is guaranteed by the commitment of those involved and the tried-and-tested working method for creating and implementing recommendations on procedures, data formats and system concepts for the common co-operative network. When it comes to standardisation, the AK PLM works closely with national bodies such as the ProSTEP iViP association, and also international bodies such as ISO and SASIG.

The AK PLM has several project groups.

Active projects and contact persons

  • Car Electric, Mr. Kyriazis
  • JT, Mr. Dotzauer
  • STEP AP 242, Mr. Mohrmann
  • Drawing-less Process, Mr. Wehle

Concluded working groups and projects

  • Change Management (ECM)
  • Remote Data Transfer (CAx data exchange)
  • Data Quality
  • Digital Factory Planning
  • Integration of Simulation and Calculation in a PDM Environment (SimPDM)Long-term Archiving
  • Collaborative Product Visualization (CPV)
  • PDM Data Exchange
  • Drawing-free Product Documentation in Automotive Industry
  • Co-operation Models
  • AOCD (Application-oriented Optimization of CAD Data Exchange Focusing on Accuracy and Tolerance)
  • Collaborative CAD/CAE Integration (C3I)


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