Committees and Working Groups


The VDA works with external experts in about 50 committees and workings groups.

Working Group ICT and EDI

The ICT and EDI Woking Group develops recommendations for data exchange between companies. Currently, its work is focussed on new recommendations for supply chain transactions involving suppliers, customers and service providers. Particularely recommendations for exchange of delivery instructions, Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence call-offs and despatch advice data have been developed recently to replace old recommendations. Those old recommendations were issued 30 years ago and do not meet the process requirements of modern logistict concepts and processes. 

In order to ensure a global acceptance and applicability of the new recommendations the data formats UN/EDIFACT and XML (especially for small and medium sized companies) have been selected. 

Jörg Walther
Jörg Walther Referent EDI / Digitalisierung der Lieferkette

Tel: +49 30 897842 - 224  
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