Working Group Key Technologies

It is critical to standardize technologies on the bring of being widely used within the automotive industry in due time. A vivid example is the standardization of optical identification media such as barcodes and radio-based identification media such as RFID. For example, it is foreseeable that technologies such as Bluetooth and Ultra Wide Band will be used more and more frequently in the logistics process chain.  The aspects of authenticity and integrity of the information can also play a role here.






Topics that the committee deals with

  • Sensor technology (own status, physical quantities, coordinates)  
  • Technology-independent standards for data structure and data exchange
  • Quality requirements for technology from the point of view of processes, quality assurance measures related to the respective technology
  • Use for anti-counterfeiting
  • Utilization evaluation of new technologies and, if necessary, influence on important technology properties and standardization requirements for the automotive industry (e.g. data quality and security, frequency utilization plans of ETSI, data authenticity and protection)
  • Cooperation with AK SID regarding standardized solutions for data exchange with a focus on Track & Trace
  • Cooperation with DIN and ISO committees as well as international organizations in the automotive industry
  • Exchange of information with other professional associations (such as AIM, ZVEI) as required
Jörg Walther
Jörg Walther Referent EDI / Digitalisierung der Lieferkette

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