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The Open Telematics Platform in the aftermarket: positioning paper

Recently the topic of data has been a subject of much controversy. The car generates large quantities of data to support it’s onboard functions, and the tendency is for that to further increase. Technical advances have made it possible to transfer the data in new ways. Currently, workshops connect diagnostic equipment to the vehicle via cable; technically wireless transfer is also possible. A wireless connection opens up new usage models. In addition to established diagnostic and repair solutions, in future new service offerings will become possible.

Unfortunately, new opportunities are often accompanied by risks, and that could be the case with transfer of data from the car. Providing access to data increases the risk of inappropriate data usage or data manipulation by a hacker. This is the reason for the topic “Open Telematics Platform” being one of the subjects addressed in the context of the European ITS action plans and the ITS guideline (2010/40/EU).

Sharing the same motivation, the VDA, together with its members, has prepared a positioning paper on the subject. The paper describes the basic principles and assumptions behind “The Open Telematics Platform.”

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