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Historic Vehicles

The cross-party parliamentary group on “automotive cultural inheritance” in the German Bundestag has existed since 2009.

The German Classic Car Index

The German Classic Car Index published every year by the German Association of the Automotive Industry rose by 4.5 percent in 2014. This means that the average value of classic cars in Germany last year rose at a slightly lower rate than in the previous year. The index has now reached 2,285 points. To calculate the index 88 cars are selected that are a representative sample of the German classic car market in terms of their specifications, their country of manufacture and their frequency. The appropriate registration figures are taken into account in this. The basis for the index is provided by the Bochum-based valuation specialists classic-analytics. In the long term, the German Classic Car Index shows a clearly positive trend upwards. However, there are now two completely independent segments in the classic car market. On the one hand, record prices are being achieved at public auctions for rare vehicles, one-offs or racing cars – often with famous previous owners. This segment is hardly representative of the classic car market as a whole, however. Genuine classic car enthusiasts love their cars regardless of its rarity value or potential to increase in value. On average, they spend considerably less than 20,000 euros on a classic car, which means that any increase in value of these cars is often compensated by the cost of servicing and maintaining them. These cars form the basis of the German Classic Car Index. It does not include any one-offs, but instead only covers cars that were produced in certain quantities and which are therefore often still traded today.

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