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Close collaboration in the value creation chain plays a decisive role in the common success of OEMs and suppliers. The greater part of value creation of the end product – some 75 percent – takes place in preliminary and intermediate stages.

VDA Rating Tool

The German vehicle manufacturers and suppliers have agreed that the VDA Rating Tool will be the standard for the German automotive industry. Under this agreement, the German OEMs are free to choose whether or not to require their suppliers to evidence their creditworthiness with the result of the annual balance-sheet section of this Rating Tool. From the suppliers’ viewpoint the result of this self-assessment (e.g. BB++) is sufficient evidence of creditworthiness; correct entry of the balance-sheet data must be certified by the company’s auditors.

Since the spring of 2006 an update of the Rating Tool has been available on a CD-ROM, which the VDA has sent free of charge to its member supply companies (Manufacturer Group III). The content of this version is similar to that of the original version, but some necessary technical changes were made to the software. The new version has also been made simpler and easier to use by adding help-texts for data entry.

The current, improved version of the VDA Rating Tool (or the software licence) is available as a balance-sheet rating tool for EUR 300 and as a full version including the qualitative section for EUR 1,100 (to VDA members). Companies that are not members of the VDA will be charged EUR 500 and EUR 1,300 respectively. The software can be ordered from the VDA’s Automotive supply industry and medium-sized businesses department,

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