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Facts about buses

Buses are used as a means of transport more than five billion times every year in Germany. In local public transport buses are by far the most important mode of transport. In only a short time, buses have become firmly established in long-distance passenger transport alongside passenger cars, railroads and airplanes.

Buses stand for high quality transportation, environmental compatibility and road safety. Their flexibility enables them to reach every last corner of the urban road network, and also to cover routes in the long-distance network, thus offering an extraordinary level of mobility for everyone.

Buses are CO2 champions

Due to their high capacity utilization, buses not only consume less energy per passenger-kilometer than all other modes of transport. They also have a far lower CO2 output per passenger-kilometer than the railroads or airplanes. On average, consumption is around 1.2 l/100 passenger-km (at 60 percent utilization).The bus for an average distance traveled, buses operating in long-distance transport at utilization emit only 30 g CO2 per passenger-kilometer, which puts the railroads in second place when it comes to ecological footprints in long-distance transport.

Safety provided by the most modern equipment

There is no other form of transport whose passengers have a lower risk of being involved and injured in an accident than buses. Buses are and will remain the safest mode of transport by a long way. Buses are involved in less than 1.6% of all road traffic accidents with personal injuries. These figures are the result of the huge efforts made by manufacturers and operators to ensure passenger safety.

The bus manufacturers are continually investing in research and development in order to get the latest safety technology ready for series production as fast as possible. Adaptive cruise control, impact protection, Attention Assist, antilock braking system, braking assistant, continuous brake lights, electronic stability programs and lane assistant – everything that makes driving safer is available for modern buses.

Now more than ever, buses’ system advantages and positive features make them a key mode of transport when it comes to meeting our society’s many and varied mobility needs.

Shape the future – with buses in local and long-distance transport.

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