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Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and offer solutions to every transportation task.

Overview of the Commercial Vehicle Sector

Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and offer solutions to every transportation task. No other means of transport provides such flexibility combined with top quality and offers a tailor-made concept for every possible transport requirement. Commercial vehicles – be they vans, distribution vehicles for deliveries in the inner cities, or heavy trucks for long-distance haulage – have become icons of innovation in the automotive industry. And when it comes to passenger transport, commercial vehicles are again leading the field and buses are the most environmentally friendly form of passenger transport. The German commercial vehicle industry – the OEMs and manufacturers of trailers and bodies alike – is setting the global standard for top efficiency and quality, technological leadership and environmental awareness.

The commercial vehicle sector directly employs over 180,000 people, which makes it a very significant branch of industry in our national economy. Every day around 2.8 million commercial vehicles are "on the move for everyone” – supplying people with all the things they need in everyday life, delivering materials to production plants, disposing of waste, carrying passengers on public transport, and working for the emergency services. Commercial vehicles shoulder over 72 per cent of all freight traffic in Germany. In many cases they require highly specialised and elaborate technical solutions which demand specific know-how.

The makes of trailers and bodies who form Manufacturer Group II within the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) offer their customers these solutions. The tractors or truck tractors alone do not ensure deliveries to production sites or supply people with all the things they need in everyday life. Only when a truck is given a body, or a trailer or semi-trailer is connected behind the truck, are goods transported from A to B and the population and the production sites receive their supplies. For this reason, the trailer and body industry must always be viewed as part of the commercial vehicle industry; because without it the supply of our national economy and the international exchange of goods would not function. In addition, Manufacturer Group II unites the German bus manufacturers who, like many of the small and medium-sized enterprises in the trailer and body industry, are among Europe’s market leaders.

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