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Foreign Trade

Access to foreign markets is essential for companies in the automotive industry. Apart from the US market, growth mostly took place in the markets outside the triad countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and other threshold countries with rising levels of motorization.

Foreign trade promotion and development cooperation

The internationalization strategy of the German automotive industry leads to increased activities in developing and emerging countries. In order to facilitate market entry for the German automotive industry in these countries, the VDA is working with the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The BMZ can use its experts on-site to obtain access to wide-ranging local networks for companies. In addition, it provides various subsidies for entry into difficult markets. 

For economic cooperation the BMZ is regionally focused on Africa, but is also strongly established in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. In addition to the regional focus, there are two topical focal points: fighting the causes of refugee flight, and sustainability of the supply chain. 

In order to help fight the causes of flight, the BMZ, together with German companies and associations, supports career training and new entrepreneurial development in countries in Africa and the Middle East. This is intended to create local jobs and future opportunities. In cooperation with German associations, training centers are currently planned in various countries. They will train people in technical occupations. This helps both with the qualification of native technical personnel, and to attract international investors to the location. 

Another area of attention is creating additional sustainability in the supply chain. Here, the main focus is on compliance with environmental, energy and social standards. In an example project, the BMZ has been supporting a large German automotive supplier in Mexico since the end of 2015 with the establishment of sustainable supplier management. As part of this project, local suppliers are to be trained in order to optimize their environmental and energy management. The BMZ is bearing over 40 percent of the project costs. The projects help companies to meet sustainability goals while simultaneously promoting economic activity in developing and emerging countries.

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