Environment and Climate

Workplace safety

Numerous measures taken in the past few years have made it possible for workplace accident figures in the automobile industry to be reduced once more. The possibilities for further reduction are largely exhausted.

The automotive industry’s objective is to continue on the same path of improving work processes and reducing accidents in the workplace. Last year too, the number of work-related accidents and resulting days lost fell, although the potential for improvement has been all but exhausted.



The directive on electromagnetic fields could become a fresh example of excessive national implementation of an EU directive. A large number of welding machines are in use in the automotive industry. There is a very simple yet accurate procedure for measuring field strengths and protecting employees against excessive exposure. The Federal Ministry of Labor is drawing up technical rules for these machines, which could significantly exceed the EU’s minimum requirements and require superfluous difficult calculations. This would further weaken Germany as a production location without achieving any significant safety dividend for employees.

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