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Data security for networked mobility

Networking makes traffic safer. Its foundation is data - and they, too, need to be protected. The German automotive industry has developed a sustainable concept that governs the secure transmission and transfer of vehicle generated data to third parties.

Added value for consumers and industry

Improving road safety is an essential aspect of using data generated in the vehicle. Anonymous data relevant for road safety will be passed on to public authorities such as the fire brigade and the police. In this way the vehicle can make a contribution to road safety.

The non-discriminatory and widespread use of in-vehicle generated data via the "NEVADA Share & Secure" * concept can support a fair market within which new value added services can be created. Commercial parties can engage in free competition for services both within and outside the automotive industry.

The consumer can be provided with new services. By not being tied to a manufacturer or a service provider, the consumer will have a greater choice of which service they want to use. These can be services that significantly increase driving comfort, such as apps, which can be displayed and operated via the vehicles integrated monitor and controls. In addition, the emergence of services from outside the automotive industry which use vehicle-generated data is also likely to occur.

The "NEVADA Share & Secure" * concept provides sustainable protection of the vehicle security sphere and protects the business interests of all commercial parties that may want access to data generated in the vehicle. The simple structure of the concept not only contributes significantly to the protection of the vehicle infrastructure and the security sphere of the vehicle, but also ensures the economic efficiency of data use.

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