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Data security for networked mobility

Networking makes traffic safer. Its foundation is data - and they, too, need to be protected. The German automotive industry has developed a sustainable concept that governs the secure transmission and transfer of vehicle generated data to third parties.

Data usage categories

In order to meet the needs of the various stakeholders, the vehicle-generated data is divided into four categories of use. It is possible that individual data elements can be found in multiple categories.

Category 1
In category 1, data relevant to traffic safety is made available anonymously. This data is made available to public services so that traffic control centers, fire brigades and police can use them to optimize traffic safety.

Category 2
Category 2 data is anonymized and available across manufacturers. This data forms the foundation for the development of new services, business models and innovations, as well as the optimization of traffic.

Category 3
In order to prevent the theft of intellectual property and patented technologies, anonymous manufacturer-specific data is made available in category 3, which is exclusively available to the respective original parts manufacturer. This supports fair competition and contributes to the further development and improvement of the vehicle and vehicle components.

Category 4
Many services that are tailored to individual needs and increase the comfort of the consumer require personal user data. This is only made available in category 4 with the express permission of the consumer. Data protection is the top priority for the German automotive industry.

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