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Data security for networked mobility

Networking makes traffic safer. Its foundation is data - and they, too, need to be protected. The German automotive industry has developed a sustainable concept that governs the secure transmission and transfer of vehicle generated data to third parties.

How "NEVADA-Share & Secure" works

Even today, modern vehicles are connected via a secure interface with the servers of the respective vehicle manufacturer. This interface allows the manufacturer to retrieve data or access the vehicle at any time, for example, to perform updates. The connection between the vehicle and manufacturer forms a closed system. Each manufacturer uses their own software to provide a secure connection. This diversity is very important for both vehicle security and competition across the automotive industry and must therefore be maintained.

For this reason, in the "NEVADA-Share & Secure" concept *, remote access to the vehicle continues to be carried out exclusively by the respective vehicle manufacturer. In order to make the data generated in the vehicle usable for others the automobile manufacturers will implement a standardized interface that allows interested parties to access data from their servers. The manufacturers’ server can be supplemented by neutral servers, which also have a standardized interface. Data on the vehicle manufacturers’ server can be accessed by neutral servers and made available for commercial and public purposes. The neutral servers are operated independently of the automotive industry. The establishment of neutral servers will allow the aggregation of data from multiple manufacturers and its usage without possible competitors being aware. This ensures fair competition in the development of new business models and innovations that become possible through the availability of in-vehicle data.

The connection of a vehicle to the "NEVADA Share & Secure" * concept is guaranteed over a long period of time provided the vehicle owner gives their approval. This ensures a stable basis for the developed services. The concept also provides a framework for the collection of vehicle-generated data in the vehicle. Data collection can be triggered by pre-defined events and the collected data transferred to the manufacturer server at pre-defined times. The "NEVADA-Share & Secure" * concept will therefore enable service providers and neutral servers to request the activation of the pre-defined in vehicle routines.

The consumer and their data remain protected

Limiting remote accessibility to the vehicle preserves the vehicles security sphere and provides the best protection for the vehicle and the driver. In addition to security protection, data privacy protection plays a crucial role in our society. Therefore, the NEVADA-Share & Secure concept * ensures that consumers have total control over their vehicle generated data. The consumer can decide what personal data can be used, for which purpose it is to be used and how long it can be used for. They can revoke or extend these decisions at any time. The consumer therefore does not have to worry that their privacy may be compromised by the misuse of the data generated by their vehicle.

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