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Data security for networked mobility

Networking makes traffic safer. Its foundation is data - and they, too, need to be protected. The German automotive industry has developed a sustainable concept that governs the secure transmission and transfer of vehicle generated data to third parties.

Protecting the vehicle - sharing data - creating added value

Every day in Europe, millions of vehicles are on the road constantly generating data. In modern vehicles there can be over one hundred electronic control units (ECUs) that generate data. This may be protocol data between various vehicle components or measurement data such as speed, ambient temperature or ambient light brightness.

Digitization is constantly opening up new opportunities to use data generated by the vehicle for public services and the economy in order to further enhance mobility and to develop new business models and consumer-friendly services. The use of vehicle-generated data offers many untapped potentials. Avoiding accidents, increasing energy efficiency or reducing CO2 emissions are just some of the possibilities for such data use. Data exchange provides the foundation for connecting different modes of transport and offers the best potential for seamless intermodality.

Vehicle safety is a crucial requirement; it is a core component of traffic safety and the basis of safe mobility. For this reason, vehicle safety is central to the German automotive industry particularly when it comes to the collection and use of data vehicle-generated data. The vehicles must be protected as best they can against hacking and unauthorized access.

With "NEVADA-Share & Secure" *, the German automotive industry has developed a concept for an innovative ecosystem that will make vehicle generated data available remotely in a discrimination free manner.

Interfaces in modern vehicles

Modern vehicles have different interfaces that serve different purposes and not all interfaces are intended to be used by the driver.

The concept "NEVADA-Share & Secure" * deals exclusively with the transfer of data between the vehicle and the vehicle manufacturer's server using an interface which is already available in many modern vehicles. This interface only allows secure communication between the vehicle and the server of the vehicle manufacturer. Other interfaces, such as the interface between mobile phone and vehicle or vehicle-to-vehicle communication (V2V), are not affected by the concept. Likewise, access to vehicle data for repair and maintenance via the OBD-2 diagnostic interface is retained.

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