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Data security for networked mobility

Networking makes traffic safer. Its foundation is data - and they, too, need to be protected. The German automotive industry has developed a sustainable concept that governs the secure transmission and transfer of vehicle generated data to third parties.


  1. Who has authority over the data?
    Customers have full authority over the personal data transferred from their vehicle. They can decide who is to use which data for which purpose, and which providers they will use for their services. They can revoke or extend their decisions at any time.
  2. Does "NEVADA-Share & Secure influence the road safety?
    By providing data to public authorities such as the police and the fire brigade, the automotive industry is making a further contribution to improved road traffic safety. This is done in a way that does not affect the integrity of the vehicle which could adversely affect road traffic safety.
  3. Are business interests protected?
    The business interests of all commercial operators seeking access to data generated in the vehicle will be protected. The "NEVADA Share & Secure" * concept enables non-automotive companies to gain access to in-vehicle data in order to drive digital innovation and develop new business models.
  4. Does "NEVADA-Share & Secure" provide a fair competition?
    The “NEVADA-Share & Secure”* concept will enable fair international data driven competition by making data generated in the vehicle available in a discrimination free manner to 3rd parties for the development of apps and services. Service providers can obtain data generated in vehicles over a standardized interface from the server of the vehicle manufacturer or access it via neutral servers without disclosure of the service provider identity to the automobile manufacturer.
  5. Is the interface reliable?
    To access data generated by the vehicle, "NEVADA-Share & Secure"* provides a standardized, reliable, manufacturer-independent, and sustainable interface between the servers of the vehicle manufacturers and their business partners including neutral server operators.  Access to the vehicle data for repair and maintenance purposes via the vehicle OBD-2 diagnostic interface is not affected.
  6. Is "NEVADA-Share & Secure" legal?
    The data generated in the vehicles is transferred and used in accordance with European Union regulations and German law and also within the guidelines of the "Ethics Commission on Automated and Connected Driving".
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