Safety and Standards

Assistance systems in commercial vehicles

The technical developments do not stand still. Permanently improved assistance systems are being developed to make the traffic and handling of trucks safer and more convenient.

Intelligent support for the driver

In Germany, around three quarters of the goods are transported on the road. The truck manufacturers are therefore working hard to make traffic safer. Traffic safety can be significantly improved and increased through digitization and interconnectedness. In order to make these transports safer for everyone, new assistance systems are stepwise coming onto the market. Because today nothing runs without assistance systems in the vehicle. Electronic assistance systems are becoming increasingly important not only in the car. They are indispensable, especially in modern commercial vehicles. Here you will find an overview of which assistance systems are already available and which will offer even more safety and efficiency in road traffic in the near future.

The driving dynamics control is an electronically controlled driver assistance system that prevents the truck from skidding by braking individual wheels. Since 2011, all newly registered vehicles have to be equipped with this system.

With active roll stabilization, the electronically controlled damping system adjusts the shock absorber force depending on the vehicle load and the road conditions. It continuously monitors the vehicle's driving dynamics and automatically intervenes in the engine management and braking system if there is a risk of skidding or tipping over. This is made possible by electromagnetic metering valves that are controlled by a central control unit. The system increases safety and driving comfort through dynamic shock absorber force.

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